Priory Enterprises

Priory Enterprises

Based in Bridlington, are a not for profit organisation which aims to help individuals with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues and those who are disadvantaged. Their goal is to reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination so that they can share in the life of the wider community.

Through their small grants award in March 2011, they were able to run a project which involved getting groups of individuals with learning and physical difficulties, and isolated and disadvantaged older people together, to take part in ‘Bloom through the Gloom’.

The project saw individuals having the opportunity to design and paint a number of plant pots with the aid of local artists and then fill them with their choice of vegetables or flowers.

It achieved its aims of teaching 20 participants new skills and information about healthy eating and where some of their food comes from, as well as showing them that you can ‘grow your own’ even if you don’t have a large outdoor space. There was also a nutritionist on hand to answer questions about the benefits of healthy diets.

‘Bloom through the Gloom’ also established links with the wider community by creating pots for deserving local people through a public appeal in the local paper. Sharron Morris, Priory Enterprises project manager explained, “This project gives our students who all have disabilities of their own to put something back into the community that can be used again and again.”

One of the participants in the project, Angel Peacock put it well, “Bloom through the Gloom is a great project that brings a touch of sunshine to someone’s life,”