Medina Allotment

Medina Allotment


Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd (EMS) is a registered charity offering a range of services to communities and local businesses. Based in East Hull, EMS offer services in Hull, the East Riding and North and North East Lincolnshire. The services offered include:

  •          Neighbourhood management
  •          Community Brokerage
  •          Environmental Services
  •          Health and Safety Consultancy

CHCP Foundation awarded an eco-health grant in 2013 to EMS towards their project of turning a landlocked, unused site in East Hull into an allotment, which is accessible to all members of the community.

The site has been prepared with a number of stages, including treating weeds, removing bushes and had soil rotavated.

Plans have been drawn up and residents who expressed an interest have now been allocated a plot, and paths have been laid to segregate these plots.

The long term benefits of the project will include socialising with other residents, exercise and healthy eating, which growing your own vegetables can provide.


From this:

Medina pre work


To this (with more work still to be done):


Medina Aug 001

Medina Aug 002

Medina Aug 004

Medina Aug 003