Lithuanian Community in Hull

Lithuanian Community in Hull

Children from a community group in Hull have been learning about eating healthy, with thanks to a small grant from City Health Care Partnership Foundation (CHCP Foundation).

Lithuanian Community in Hull received a grant of £550 in September 2015 to purchase fruit as part of their healthy eating classes.

Set up in 2014, Lithuanian Community in Hull brings people together from Lithuania as well as some other countries, they have up to 60 children aged between four and twelve coming to weekly Saturday classes which include healthy eating, English language and art activies.

Jurgita Kirtikliene from the Lithuanian Community in Hull group has said,

“A big thank you goes to CHCP Foundation for their support with our community project, the money provided was used to buy organic fruits for the children who attend the Lithuanian Saturday School. The purpose of this is to teach the children about a healthy diet and lifestyle.

 “We contacted a local company to supply our children with fresh organic fruit boxes every weekend and in total we had 10 weekends with healthy snacks in our school, the fruit was delivered every Tuesdays and consumed on the weekend.

“All pupils and parents were very thankful for the opportunity to be involved in our project, children became more interested in a healthy diet and the benefits that come with it.”

Although the funding was only for the benefit of children in Hull, it has encouraged the project to be rolled out to a wider field.

“When we applied for this funding we were providing this project only to the children who attend the Saturday school in Hull, but during this period we have also started to work with Lithuanians in Scunthorpe and opened a Saturday school there.

“The success of the project in Hull encouraged our community president to contribute more funds so that we could provide the children of Scunthorpe with organic fruits too.”

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